Monday, December 6, 2010

Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial wipes

I am a germaphobe!  Lets get that out of the way from the beginning.

My little boy is 4 and  is still trying to perfect standing up to pee.  When we are doing errands and he needs to use a public restroom, I almost gag because I know how disgusting the restrooms are.  So as we are walking toward the handicapped stall, I review what he can and cannot touch.  Within the past 2 weeks, we've been shopping several times for Christmas.  During one visit to the ladies restroom, Lucas was moving so fast (he REALLY had to go) that I didn't have time to remind him how gross the bathrooms were.  He decided to stand up to pee and was standing with his legs up against the toilet but didn't have his pants down yet.  As I looked over at him, he's dropping his drawers and HIS MOUTH NEARLY TOUCHES THE SEAT OF THE TOILET!!! OMG!!!  I grabbed him before it actually touched the toilet rim, but it was so close that I wanted to pour hand sanitizer all over his mouth.  Even now, while I type this, I'm grossed out.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon shopping.  In this public restroom, he did well and didn't completely gross me out until he touched the seat of the toilet.  He raised his hand and it was all wet.   YUCK!!  He even said yuck.  I had to hold his arm so that he wouldn't put his hand in his hair or decide to bite his fingernails.  We washed his hands AND used hand sanitizer after that trip to the restroom.

Do you have any gross public restroom stories?

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